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New Home

Recently Yahoo announced that it was terminating its Groups functionality on the 15th December 2020. So, after roughly 20 years as a Yahoo Group, TNTalk has moved to a new home.

The list remains the same, with the same members and, day to day, works in very much the same way. All that has changed is the address. From 3rd November 2020 all messages to the list should be sent to

There are some minor changes to the way in which members manage their settings for which updated instructions may be found on the list detail page. The code of conduct has also been updated to remove references to Yahoo policies, the updated version may be viewed on the code of conduct page on this website.

Long term administrator Dave Buckley has also decided that, after 19 years at the helm, it is time to retire. The TN community owe Dave a huge debt of thanks for his dedicated and patient service these past years and those of us involved in the migration are also deeply thankful for his help.

A small team of volunteers has taken on Dave’s work and a further article will be added here with introductions shortly.

Thank you.

TNTalk Migration Team.

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