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This page provides guidance about how TNTalk works, and what you can do with it

How TNTalk Works

At its heart TNTalk is a number of Mailing-Lists. A mailing-list automatically forwards every email that a subscriber sends to it to all other subscribers to that list. Although the technology that underpins mailing-lists is quite old by today’s standards, its great advantage for Visually Impaired users is that it works well with assistive technology such as screen readers.

Mailing-lists don’t provide any features that organise the list or impose any structure, apart from the message subject that a subscriber uses when they send a message to the list or reply to a message. If you’d like to organise the mailing-list emails that you receive, you’ll need to use your own email program (using for example Microsoft Outlook’s “Rules” feature) to do this.

TNTalk’s mailing-lists are built using the popular GNU Mailman web application. Mailman is free software, developed and distributed under a GNU Open Source license. It’s been used widely for over 20 years, and during this time has proven to be extremely reliable.

Options for Subscribers

Here are a few terms that describe some of the options available to subscribers to TNTalk:

  • Digest – this option compiles all the emails sent to the list on a single day into a single longer email. This is useful if you’re finding that the number of emails you receive from the list is becoming a nuisance;
  • Suspend – activating this option stops the list from sending any emails to you, but preserves your current subscription. You can re-activate delivery of emails from the list easily. This feature may help if for example you go on holiday and don’t want to receive list emails while you’re away;
  • Unsubscribe – this completely terminates your subscription to TNTalk. If you decide later that you’d like to subscribe again, you’ll need to re-apply to the List Moderator.
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