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Code Of Conduct

TNTalk discussion groups operate on the basis of mutual respect. TNTalk is an inclusive community of people from all walks of life. People are welcome here regardless of their race, colour, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, health or any other characteristic. Remarks which seek to (or are seen to seek to) offend will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

More generally there are some important dos and don’ts to be aware of:


Please ensure that you have appropriate virus checking software installed on your computer and that it is up-to-date.

Please ensure that all correspondence is polite and well mannered. It is perfectly OK to disagree with someone but please articulate that disagreement without the use of foul language or personal remarks.

Please send emails in plain text only (not HTML, rich text, colours, bold, italics etc). The system will remove anything not in plain text automatically. Keeping to plain text makes it easier for those with older email software and screen readers.

Please keep your comments relevant to the list you are posting on.

Please keep replies in a thread relevant to the topic at hand, if the conversation is straying to a new topic, start a new thread with an appropriate subject line.

If a conversation begins on a thread that becomes personal (i.e. of no interest to the group) then please take the conversation off-list. Each email shows the personal address of the sender.

Please put your full name and, if appropriate, the name of your TN at the bottom of your email.

If you have a problem with a list or feel that something has been said that is inappropriate, please email the list owner – details can be found on each list’s page on this site.


Please refrain from the use of foul or abusive language.

Please avoid the use of all caps or SHOUTING.

Please do not send emails to individuals through a list, each member’s email address may be found in each message they send.

Please do not send (or forward) junk mail (spam) such as virus warning, scam alerts etc to the lists.

Please do not add attachments to emails to the lists. The system will remove them automatically but your message may not make sense without them.

Please do not send messages asking to be unsubscribed, details of how to unsubscribe may be found on each list’s page on this site.

Please do not send messages to the list owners unless absolutely necessary. List owners and moderators review every message that is sent to the list and will take action themselves against breaches of these rules.


Businesses which provide products or services which are frequently used by blind or partially sighted persons or which are frequently used by Talking Newspapers may join such TNTalk lists as is appropriate for their interest.

Such businesses are free to answer questions posed to them by TNTalk members. However business should please refrain from using the lists to advertise their wares.

Businesses wishing to make an announcement about a new product or service should in the first instance contact the list owner to discuss whether this is appropriate.


TNTalk is run on an assumption of mutual respect, but sometimes it is necessary to take action if a person repeatedly flouts these guidelines.

Generally the moderators will first send a private message warning the user that their conduct is inappropriate and offer advice on how the situation may have been avoided.

If such warnings are not heeded or if the violation is so egregious that the moderators decide at their sole discretion that there is no other option then that user may be removed from one or all lists.

Any decision taken by a moderator is final.

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