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At present TNTalk runs just one open discussion list. A period of consultation will start shortly to determine whether additional topic specific lists should be added and what topics they may cover.

List Pages

Information about each list is provided on the pages below. Each page contains details of how to subscribe, un-subscribe, access the archives and set your user preferences for each list.

  • General – open discussion group for all things TN/TM related.
  • Technical – discussion group for technical topics which are TN/TM related.
  • Editorial – discussion group for editorial topics which are TN/TM related.
  • Moderators – private group for list moderators to communicate.

General Information

Subscriptions are managed on a per-list basis. Changing your preferences for one list will not change them for any other list. Similarly un-subscribing from one list will not un-subscribe you from all lists.

When the system receives your subscription request it will send you an email containing a link, which you must click to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, your subscription request will be passed to a moderator.

Subscriptions to all TNTalk lists are subject to moderator approval, and the moderator may contact you prior to approving your application to discuss why you would like to join the list. This is necessary to prevent SPAM messages and harassment. By applying to join any list you agree to follow TNTalk’s code of conduct.

When the moderator approves your subscription to a list you will receive via email a password with which you can access an options panel, from where you can manage your subscription. Please do NOT set this password to be the same as a password you use for anything else. This is not intended as a high security system.

Your options panel for each list (the link to which is on each list’s page above) allows you to manage your account. Using this page you can change the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Your name
  • Your password
  • Whether you receive each message individually or as part of a daily digest
  • Suspend/Resume mail delivery without unsubscribing (for example if you are going on holiday)
  • and a number of other settings.

To reduce our volunteer moderator/administration team’s workload, please use these options yourself wherever possible rather than contacting the TNTalk moderators.

A full guide of all the functions available to you as a subscriber may be found on the Mailman website.

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