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New Lists

Historically much of the discussion on TNTalk has been technical and this has at times drowned out conversations and pleas for help in other areas.

In support of TNF’s aim to encourage peer-to-peer support networks the TNTalk mailing list has undergone some changes.  These have been timed to coincide with today’s workshop on the same topic.

Moving forward from today there are now three mailing lists in the TNTalk family and we hope that this will encourage more focused discussion:

Technical ( – dedicated to discussions around the technical aspects of TNs.
Editorial ( – dedicated to editorial matters such as sourcing content and copyright.
General ( – this is the current list, now dedicated to anything that doesn’t clearly fall into one of the two topics above.

If you already subscribe to the current list, that subscription carries over to the general list.  If you would like to join the technical or editorial lists, then you will need to do so and you can find details of how to join on the technical and editorial list pages.

As with the current general list, memberships have to be approved so it will be a little while before the two new lists build up, but we hope that this split will encourage more non-technical people to join the TNTalk community and also provide a forum whereby TNs may ask for and receive the peer-to-peer support.

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